What are the requirements for renting?

You must be 21 years old or older, must have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement, you must buy per day insurance from MBA and all of our rentals require a $1500 refundable security/damage deposit.

Can I rent with a motorcycle permit?

No, We cannot rent a motorcycle to anyone with just a motorcycle permit.

Can I rent the Slingshot without a motorcycle endorsement? 

YES. Good news now is that NJ Law states:  The Slingshot is classified as an autocycle in NJ. The operator of a Slingshot is required to have a driver's license.  This means you need a valid driver's license to rent our Slingshots.  Please email us more info at redline.rental.llc@gmail.com

How does the insurance work?

You must buy per day insurance. The cost is $15 per day. You can go here to get your insurance. Please put the name of the renter, pick all options you need, pick exact date and time of pick up and end date. Use Policy # 202205


Is there a cancellation policy?

We take your reservation seriously. Once you book and paid, that vehicle is now unavailable for rental.  If you are unable to keep your reservation, we do rain checks and you can pick another day to rent the bike. You must notify us 48 hours in advance if you need a rain check. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver motorcycles to your door. Please call or text  732-284-8074 or 732-284-8075 for a quote on delivery pricing.

Can I rent a bike for a photo shoot?

Yes, you can rent our bikes for a photo shoot.  Please call or text 732-284-8074 or 732-284-8075 for more info. 

Can you pick me up?

Yes, we often pick up customers from the Bordentown train station for no additional fee. Please let us know if you need this service.




Who should rent?

We have a lot of customers who rent for the weekend because it is much cheaper than owning and maintaining their own motorcycle. A lot of customers like to "try before they buy" and are able to try our various motorcycles before they purchase their own bike. Also, by renting you have a much larger variety of motorcycles at your disposal to choose from. Some of our customers like to take long multi-week trips with our bikes and we also have a lot of companies that like to use our motorcycles for photo shoots. We also rent scooters for the NJ motorcycle road test.

What are you hours?

We do not have a walk in hours.  All rentals are first come first serve bases and is done by reservations.  If you have questions, please email.

Cancellation Charges

Reservations cancellation charges, we take reservations seriously, when you make a reservation we are telling other customers that that vehicle is no longer available for that day.:  Your choice: either a 20% fee (we will refund you 80% of your payment) or a rain check.  Rain checks must be used within 6 months of the initial reservation.   We take reservations seriously we hope you do as well.    If you return early due to bad weather, we will issue you a partial rain check.